RTTD – eCommerce and Webshops

Program Objectives

Description of the main objectives of the program

Help businesses expand their local market by facilitating logistics of product and service delivery

  • 1. Help businesses expand their market beyond Curacao by providing a gateway to international customers and logistics for international service to these customers
  • 2. Create a market bigger than 150,000 for local businesses

Program operations

Description of structure of collaboration between parties

CPost will provide web page designs and make web pages for Korpodeko clients through Find U Consultancy

  • — CPost will provide access to its payment platform to participating Korpodeko clients
  • — Korpodeko will provide financing for qualifying clients who wish to offer their products and services through the CPost platform
  • — Korpodeko will process the requests from its clients and decide on eligibility for the required financing
  • — Clients can choose from three standard web page formats costing respectively ANG 3,000, ANG 5,000 and ANG 7,500.These amounts do not include applicable hosting, administrative and other fees. The hosting fees shall be added for financing consideration purposes.

Program conditions

Overview of the applicable conditions for companies

Participating businesses may be an existing or new client to Korpodeko

  • — Participating businesses must comply with all standard loan application requirements and conditions
  • — Participating businesses must be tax and social security compliant and current
  • — Participating businesses must commit to a minimum term of three years for the use of the CPost platform
  • — Participating businesses must submit and provide all relevant (financial) information, documentation for the realization of a webpage and access to the payment platform
  • — The term of the loan carries between 12 to 36 months depending on the amount financed
  • — Loan repayment will be set up with a monthly S/O paid directly through CPost from monthly sales revenue processed though their platform
  • — If the processed sales do not cover the monthly repayment obligation, the client will be notified and must cover the difference separately
  • — Participating businesses grant Korpodeko permission to provide a description of their business and relevant information to CPost if necessary
  • — Participating businesses grant Korpodeko permission to use their name on the Korpodeko website and in other Korpodeko communications when promoting and providing information on the KIP – Right to the Door

Program incentives

Overview of the incentives offered by Korpodeko

Please note that some of these are back-end incentives and will only be granted after qualifying based on program conditions.

  • — CPost will charge a reduced hosting fee for the use of its platform of ANG 500.00 (instead of ANG 1,500) per year during the first three years to participating companies provided the fee is prepaid in full for the first three years.
  • — CPost charges a %-tage of the sales realized through its platform to its regular clients. A reduction by 75% will apply to participating Korpodeko clients for the first year.
  • — Korpodeko will provide 100% financing to cover the fee due to Cpost and the costs of the web page design up to ANG 10,000 per client for qualifying clients.
  • — Korpodeko offers an interest of 8% p.a.
  • — During the program participating businesses will enjoy a preferential status to qualify for other KIP’s.


With this template Right to the Door makes it possible for you to sell your products online! Upload your products to this website and reach more people national and international. What you get: fast and secure delivery to your clients, exposure in the Caribbean and South America, helpdesk, marketing & branding and a professional team who will help you with everything associated with E-commerce. URL: www.righttothedoor.com.



Upload as much products as you want with description, images, colors, sizes, price, quantity and features such as height, width, weight etc.
Customers can register and login to their accounts, view their shopping cart, order history, wish list and credit slips, add addresses and update their personal information.
Email communication
You will receive an E-mail after a customers orders products of your company. The customer also receives an E-mail with an order confirmation.
Pick up service
Cpost International arranges the delivery of your products to the customers. When you have an order they will pick up the products in the end of the day at a cost of ANG 5,00 (fast delivery).
Track & Trace
Each order can be tracked so the customer has a clear view of where their products are at that time (secure delivery).
International orders
Orders can be placed from countries such as: Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, Saba, St. Eustatius, Saint Martin, Venezuela, Suriname, Canada, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago and St. Kitts.
ANG 1,500
In addition we ask a fee for each product sold via our E-commerce


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About us

Throughout the years Korpodeko has developed into an important link in the infrastructure of entrepreneurship in Curaçao.


In 1985 in the midst of an imminent and explosive economic and social crisis where thousands of jobs was set to be lost...