Korpodeko Incentive Programs

Stichting Korporashon pa Desaroyo di Korsou (KORPODEKO) is Curaçao’s sustainable development corporation and as such is in the process to better fulfill its statutory purpose and promote economic sustainability. Within this context KORPODEKO is forming strategic alliances with local and international partners creating incentive programs and knowledge exchange opportunities to the benefit of its clients.

The objectives of these Korpodeko Incentive Programs (KIP) are:
  1. - Exchanging expertise, knowledge and experience while supporting clients in their daily operations to reach their personal and commercial objectives
  2. - Promoting economic sustainability by laying proper business foundations and industry standards
  3. - Being an example of collaborative efforts and growth that is and should be instrumental in a nation and economy in development
  • Sustainability in Business

    More and more we talk about sustainable development and adoption of sustainable practices in business. The actual implementation thereof requires...
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  • Green and Alternative Energy Financing

    High energy costs (rising energy pricing) and high energy consumption (inefficient building and operational processes) are real threats for sustainable...
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  • WWW – Your Own Website

    The internet was born as a military application in 1957 and found its way mainstream in 1989. By 1994 the...
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  • Kenniscentrum Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven Curacao

    With the KIP-KBB Korpodeko aims to: Match knowledge and experience needs between local companies and local students; Provide SBO, MBO,...
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  • Helping Hands

    We can all use a helping hand every now and then. Especially as an entrepreneur there are times when there…
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  • RTTD – eCommerce and Webshops

    Fast and secure delivery to your clients, exposure in the Caribbean and South America, helpdesk,marketing & branding and a professional…
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  • Stichting Belasting AccountantsBureau

    Program objectives Description of the main objectives of the program Provide guidance to Korpodeko clients for the set up and...
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About us

Throughout the years Korpodeko has developed into an important link in the infrastructure of entrepreneurship in Curaçao.


In 1985 in the midst of an imminent and explosive economic and social crisis where thousands of jobs was set to be lost...