Stichting Belasting AccountantsBureau

Program objectives

Description of the main objectives of the program

Provide guidance to Korpodeko clients for the set up and maintenance of adequate bookkeeping and financial administration as well as reporting frameworks

• Ensure proper bookkeeping and financial administration and reporting of Korpodeko clients

• Ensure tax and social security compliance of Korpodeko clients

• Create and raise awareness of the necessity of proper financial administration and its benefits as a business (MIS) tool among Korpodeko clients and the public in general

Program conditions

Overview of the applicable conditions for participating businesses for participating businesses

Participating companies must commit for a 2-year period

• Participating businesses must have a credit relationship with Korpodeko

• Participating companies must commit to taking on a BAB-administrator during the 1st year of the program

• Participating companies must commit to hire a bookkeeper / accountant within or at the end of that 1st year to ensure continuity

• Participating businesses grant Korpodeko permission to provide a description of their business and relevant information to BAB

• Participating businesses grant Korpodeko permission to use their name on the Korpodeko website and in other Korpodeko communications when promoting and providing information on the KIP – BAB

Korpodeko offers the following incentives under this program:

• After successful completion of the full program and compliance with the conditions set, the company qualifies for an interest discount of between1% and 2% over the duration of the program;

• During the program participating businesses will enjoy a preferential status to qualify for other KIP’s.



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About us

Throughout the years Korpodeko has developed into an important link in the infrastructure of entrepreneurship in Curaçao.


In 1985 in the midst of an imminent and explosive economic and social crisis where thousands of jobs was set to be lost...