Sustainability in Business

More and more we talk about sustainable development and adoption of sustainable practices in business. The actual implementation thereof requires often times fundamental changes in the processes of operation, technologies applied in business but also in the mentality and behavior of our human capital.

To achieve real sustainability in business therefore becomes an integral process that encompasses all aspects of the organization. Fortunately, with increased awareness of the necessity of sustainability standards and best practices are being set across many industries.

These changes involve certification processes that require investments in time, technology and human capital to achieve the desired results.

The KIP-SIB is under development to address financing needs specifically for the certification and standardization purposes geared towards sustainability in business.

New and existing companies can qualify. Qualifying conditions and incentives will be determined based on feedback from the experts in the field.




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Throughout the years Korpodeko has developed into an important link in the infrastructure of entrepreneurship in Curaçao.


In 1985 in the midst of an imminent and explosive economic and social crisis where thousands of jobs was set to be lost...