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As the Sustainable Development Corporation of Curaçao, we at Stichting Korporashon pa Desaroyo di Kòrsou (Korpodeko), stimulate sustainable development of Curaçao and its people.

We strongly believe that socio-economic development has its roots in education and culture because we know that the best and most innovative ideas are formed in the minds and hearts of our people. People that are creative, capable and committed.

As a way to fuel the development of our dushi Kòrsou, we are always looking for projects and businesses to finance. We take on projects of small, medium and large-sized businesses in a wide range of industries and activities.

Let us take you on a journey where we will show you who we are and what we can do, together with you.


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Do you have a brilliant or innovative idea, and you want to test the waters? It’s time for an invigorating meeting of 30 minutes with our Managing Director.  In this meeting, you will get to discuss your idea with him and are guaranteed to leave with great insights. No commitment necessary, we just want to hear you out. 

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