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July 5, 2021

With the support of Aqualectra


Recently, Korpodeko expanded the product portfolio with a new product ‘Going Green’ with the aim of offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to transform their companies into innovative and resilient organizations with a focus on sustainable development of our companies, our economy, and our environment. The realization of this project will be in partnership with Aqualectra, our utility company of the future.


Going Green is one of the products of Korpodeko Incentives Programs (KIP)

Going Green is one of the six modules of Korpodeko Incentives Programs, a program that Korpodeko has designed to provide entrepreneurs the incentive they need to make their businesses grow and become a more resilient partner to this island’s progress. In particular, the aim of Going Green is to provide funds to companies who wish to become sustainable partners. Sustainable partners have thus far proven to lower production and operating costs (creating efficiency) and stimulate a local requirement for capital investment. Going Green is available to our existing customers and will be to new customers.


Social Responsibility with the community

As Curacao’s Development Bank, Korpodeko takes its social responsibility at heart. In our aim to bring about sustainable development for Curaçao and our community, in particular, we need to contribute to bringing our energy consumption to a sustainable level. As part of this aim, we will focus on incentivizing entrepreneurs so that they also take responsibility and adopt a more innovative and sustainable operating system. In order to assist entrepreneurs with this project, Korpodeko has expanded its product portfolio and offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to apply for a loan that will assist in converting their fossil-based energy system into a more sustainable one and acquire electric vehicles.


Cooperation Korpodeko and Aqualectra

To implement the ‘Going Green’ product, Korpodeko joined forces with Aqualectra, who is leading the way in driving Curaçao towards a sustainable intelligent energy system. Within the framework of the ‘Going Green’ product, Aqualectra will provide guidance and advice to Korpodeko in analyzing the technical aspects of applications for the financing of a sustainable energy system. Korpodeko together with Aqualectra and all the companies that will join in this effort, will contribute to the national mission of Curaçao to produce at least 50% of the country’s energy consumption from renewable sources by 2035.

How to apply for Green Finance

The product ‘Going Green’ will provide companies with finance at an interest rate of 5% as a means to incentivize more businesses to take on this opportunity.

As a bonus to the already mentioned incentive, Korpodeko for the first time ever is offering a personal loan exclusively for the purchase of a new electric car with an interest rate starting at 4% per year. Second hand, electric car financing is also possible.

Entrepreneurs who want more information and/or want to apply for ‘Green Finance’ can visit our website They can also contact our development managers by phone at 738-1799, WhatsApp at 516-3636, or send an email to

Korpodeko, Aqualectra, and you will together move forward in the journey where Curaçao has been leading to develop solutions for the production of renewable energy in the Caribbean.