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About Us

Learn more about Curaçao's Sustainable Development Corporation


As the Sustainable Development Corporation of Curaçao, we at Stichting Korporashon pa Desaroyo di Kòrsou (Korpodeko), stimulate sustainable development of Curaçao and its people.

We strongly believe that socio-economic development has its roots in education and culture because we know that the best and most innovative ideas are formed in the minds and hearts of our people. People that are creative, capable and committed.

Just like you.

As a way to fuel the development of our dushi Kòrsou, we are therefore looking for projects and businesses to finance. We take on projects of small, medium and large-sized businesses in a wide range of industries and activities.

Just like yours.

Let us take you on a journey where we will show you who we are and what we can and will do.

Just for you.


We finance projects and businesses of all size. We have one-person-shops, such as young startups in the vibrant world of media and technology, and even bus or taxi drivers. Similarly, we have companies that have a huge impact on the Curaçao economy as factories and offices that employ many people on the island, or even businesses that produce, export and service global markets on a large scale. 

Our credit policy identifies the economic activities, qualifying conditions and products tailored to specific industries or needs of local entrepreneurs. A special focus is given to projects that embrace one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.


We pursue our efforts to work diligently on Curaçao’s development with a small team consisting of Managing Director, Financial Director, Development Managers and employees.

Chesron Isidora


Leonella Elizabeth

Junior Development Manager

Some people don’t know yet what they want to do or how, and that’s okay too. I listen and help them find their answers until they are crystal-clear about what they want to do.
Building a business in Curaçao is often a learning trajectory. Entrepreneurs start, whether they are well prepared or not, and along the way they sharpen their skills, acquire more knowledge, and change their course, if required. When I’m interviewing an entrepreneur, I like to keep the conversations flexible: I want them to be able to bring anything to the table, so I can help them at whatever stage of development they are in."

Quincy Lucas

Junior Development Manager

“I am driven to find ways to make you money.”
Quincy has just recently joined Korpodeko as a Development Manager. Before joining Korpodeko he used to work in Auditing. “I am enjoying this new challenge. There’s always a new project, product, service, entrepreneur, and business case to analyze. My previous occupation was mostly about processes and now I’m closer to where the strategic stuff happens. I love working with entrepreneurs and advising them on financial matters. I’m particularly good at finding them ways to make more money.” Quincy has a knack for seeing where your company could leverage its services to make more money and how to find and seize opportunities.
“Your business idea can be solid, your product can be amazing, but if you don’t know how to sell it, you probably won’t make it past the treacherous beginnings.”

Our work is supervised by a trusted board of 15 members that equally represent the government, labor unions, and the business community.


The core purpose, vision and core values articulate our aspiration as Korpodeko. The aspiration describes our “core ideology and envision future” which gives substance to our aspirational reason for being, what we aspire to become, achieve and create, and our aspirational way of doing things and what we stand for as an organization.


In 1985, Curaçao was in the midst of an imminent and explosive economic and social crisis. One of the direct remedial actions to address the crisis was the incorporation of a national development bank by the government and social partners.

Korpodeko was founded on April 23rd, 1985 as an instrument to help achieve a balanced socio-economic, cultural and educational development of Curaçao. The way to fight economic distress was to invigorate small, medium and large businesses and organizations and encourage micro and macroeconomic development.

Korpodeko was later categorized as a credit institution and made subject to the supervision of the regulatory environment of bank and credit institutions by the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten. Korpodeko complies with the Central Bank, as well as with international regulations.