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Let's Go Green!

Green Transformation through pioneering financing

Secure your Green loan

Our Go Green Incentive Program is a game changing program dedicated to fueling the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources in Curaçao, contributing to a cleaner environment and business efficiency due to lower energy costs. Korpodeko aims to serve you as the leading, innovative, and trusted provider of sustainable investments, for businesses and individuals/households.

With our green loans, we facilitate our community to embrace a greener future and a more prosperous and sustainable nation.

In partnership with Aqualectra, we are fostering a sustainable legacy for you, your business and our planet.

For Businesses

Solar Energy

(on & off-grid)

Wind Energy

Electric Vehicles

incl. charging station

Only 4% interest rate on your commercial loans to change your fleet to EV!

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What To Know

  • 100% financing is possible subject to repayment capacity
  • Down Payment is determined by repayment capacity and loan size. 
  • Commercial loans are determined by the company’s cash flow capacity.
  • Personal loans consider all personal costs in determining repayment capacity so each applicant should fill out a net worth statement

Take the next step

Consult your trusted installation expert to measure your household’s electrical needs, provide you with a comprehensive calculation of your energy expenses and present the options so you can gain a clear understanding of potential monthly savings.

The grass is greener on this side

Benefits of Green Investments

  1. Healthier living: Embrace green investments for cleaner air and improved health. You prioritize your own well-being through eco-conscious choices.
  2. Positive Environmental Impact: Green investments combat emissions, reduce air pollution, and help to safeguard nature. Preserve vital habitats and forests with sustainable choices.
  3. Enhanced Economic Advantage: Transitioning to green alternatives reduces your energy consumption, drives down your expenses, and enables financial savings.
It's all in the numbers

Calculate Economic Benefit (Coming Soon!)

The switch to green investment offers you big savings over traditional investments. Korpodeko offers you the use of a green calculator to assist you in calculating the amount of savings you may get compared to traditional investment (the use of fossil energy).

Disclaimer: The calculation is based on your personal use of energy and may differ per person and per capital goods. We recommend you bear in mind that this calculation may be an estimated indication of what you may save and that it may change in reality.

Coming Soon...

The Solutions Come In Plenty

The KIP Going Green Program is mainly focused on the solutions presented in columns 1 and 4. However, interested parties can also apply for the options displayed in columns 2, row 1 and 2, and column 3. The solutions shown in column 5 are also very relevant but, unfortunately, inapplicable for the currently small market in our country. 

Ready to Switch to Green Alternatives?