Going Green

We are committed to building a sustainable and flourishing nation.

Go Green

Korpodeko aims to serve you as the leading, innovative, and trusted provider of sustainable investments. As a partner in development, Korpodeko’s aspiration is to offer all-in-one solutions for all your entrepreneurial and business needs. Put differently, Korpodeko wants to drive the sustainable development of Curaçao and its people.

Korpodeko, in partnership with Aqualectra, wants to provide Green products and services. Korpodeko’s purpose with ‘Going Green’ is to assist Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in reducing energy costs.

The ‘Going Green’ product will finance the alternative use of energy for primarily business and for the first time also for individuals (electric vehicle loans only). The product is supposed to create efficiency in the economy, among other lowering production and operational costs and boosting capital investments.

Korpodeko will finance Green products and services such as:

Solar produced energy for businesses only


Wind Power produced energy for businesses only

Electric vehicles for businesses


Electric Cars for Personal use


The application procces is pretty simple

Who can apply for Going Green?

Going Green is available for new and existing clients. Furthermore, ‘Going Green’ will also be available for personal use. To make it more attractive for SMEs to switch to green alternatives, ‘Going Green’ will have an interest rate of only 5%. Moreover, Korpodeko will provide a personal loan for the first time at an annual interest rate of 4%.

The grass is greener on this side

Benefits of Green Investments

  1. Health benefits
    The switch to green investment helps to reduce air pollution. Breathing clean air makes you a healthier person. Going green will strive for a green living.
  2. Environmental benefits
    The switch to green investment helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions thus lower air pollution. Additionally, switching to green alternatives will save rainforests and also preserve animal habitats.
  3. Economic benefits
    The switch to green alternatives helps lower costs and save money. The use of green alternatives will reduce energy consumption which in turn will reduce the electricity cost and let you save money.
It's all in the numbers

Calculate Economic Benefit (Coming Soon!)

The switch to green investment offers you big savings over traditional investments. Korpodeko offers you the use of a green calculator to assist you in calculating the amount of savings you may get compared to traditional investment (the use of fossil energy).

Disclaimer: The calculation is based on your personal use of energy and may differ per person and per capital goods. We recommend you bear in mind that this calculation may be an estimated indication of what you may save and that it may change in reality.

Coming Soon...

The Solutions Come In Plenty

The KIP Going Green Program is mainly focused on the solutions presented in columns 1 and 4. However, interested parties can also apply for the options displayed in columns 2, row 1 and 2, and column 3. The solutions shown in column 5 are also very relevant but, unfortunately, inapplicable for the currently small market in our country. 

Ready to Switch to Green Alternatives?