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Development Financing

Empowering Visionaries and Enterprises for Lasting Progress

Development Financing

At our development bank, we are dedicated to fueling the aspirations of entrepreneurs and enterprises, acting as a catalyst for sustainable development. Our mission is to provide vital financial support to businesses of all sizes and sectors, firmly believing that no venture is too modest or extensive. If your enterprise strives for innovation, promises employment generation, import substitution, export promotion, and contributes to the robust economic growth of Curaçao, you’ve arrived at the right destination.

As your financing partner, we are committed to nurturing your projects into thriving enterprises. Be it to start or expand your business, to increase your working capital or to purchase inventory, equipment or real estate.

Our priority lies in supporting projects that embrace one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which champion prosperity for people and the planet. By working together, we pave the way for sustainable growth in Curaçao.

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Types of Loans

While Korpodeko finances a wide range of projects, the following categories cover the majority of loans types we extend.

Project Financing:
Term Loan & Real Estate Development (focus on tourism sector)

Purchase order financing

Project funding & working capital

Risk Capital:
Preferred shares & subordinate principle


Mezzanine Financing

Venture Capital Fund


Meet Our Development Managers

Our development managers are eager and equipped to assist you in completing the Business Outline Sheet. This valuable tool aids in structuring your concepts and equips us with a clearer understanding of your vision. Before scheduling an appointment with our development managers, it is crucial to fill out our digital form to ensure that you are fully prepared during your meeting.

Fill out application form

If you are simply in need of some general information, such as: what is the loan application process, what are the applicable interest rates and what should be included in a business plan, please refer to our FAQ’s


Use our Loan Calculator

This tool is designed to assist you in making a preliminary assessment of the loan amount you might be eligible for, along with its corresponding monthly repayment.

*This calculation is tailored to your unique business circumstances and personal financial situation. Please keep in mind that the calculated loan amount offers a general estimate of your potential monthly repayment. Certain factors, such as the possibility of a grace period, are not factored into this calculation and could impact your actual monthly payment amount.

The Loan Process

We prioritize transparency and clarity in our loan application and disbursement process. This guide outlines the stages of our loan process, ensuring you are well-informed about each step of your application.

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