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Meet with our Director

If you have an IDEA or a PASSION,
we want to hear all about it.

A meeting with the Director

A meeting with the director is meant for you to walk away inspired. During this encounter, both sides will share ideas and experiences to help build upon your business idea. A meeting with the director is not necessarily about financial matters since money is merely the means to realize what truly matters: the accomplishment of dreams, the creation of innovative products or the development of life-changing services to resolve common difficulties.

A meeting with the director is about the significance of real entrepreneurship: transforming the world. It’s about starting with baby steps and day by day pushing the challenging path to unquestionable growth.

So do not hesitate: come share your thought-provoking views on your project and receive advice from our directors, with decades of experience, eager to give their insights on your ideas. This 30 minutes meeting may just turn out to be your best investment yet!

To apply for a loan or submit a credit request, please schedule a meeting with our development managers by clicking here.