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Korpodeko Incentive Program (KIP)

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Incentive Programs to suit your needs

The Korpodeko Incentive Program, (KIP), offers six programs that target the most common issues that most startup entrepreneurs face. The incentive programs will empower small and medium-sized enterprises to develop their weaknesses into strengths to increase their chances for success.

The ‘Korpodeko Incentive Programs – KIP consist of the following modules:

Right To
The Door (RttD)

Our ‘Right To The Door’ program assists SMEs with the right infrastructure, platforms, and other fundamentals that need to be in place for a market expansion beyond the Curaçao market.

World Wide Web
Presence (WWW)

Our ‘World Wide Web’ presence program assists and supports SMEs in setting up their online presence (social media, website, or other online options) and website maintenance.

Program (BAB)

Our ‘Compliance Program’ assists SMEs in the reinforcement of their business and administration (bookkeeping, financial administration, reporting tools, and social security and tax compliance).

Green (GG)

Our ‘Going Green’ program assists SMEs with loans to enable the switch to green alternatives in reducing energy costs. Reducing the use of fossil fuels is key here. Our partner in this is Aqualectra.

Sustainability in
Business (SiB)

Our ‘Sustainability in Business’ program assists SMEs in encouraging fundamental changes in operations, applied technologies, human capital, behavior, and mentality through certification.

Hands (HH)

Our ‘Helping Hands’ program assists SMEs in exchanging knowledge with students. They will gain work experience as credits towards their curriculum and get a first-hand view of the business.

The KIP in practice …

For businesses to engage in online sales (RttD), they need an online presence (www). Yet in order to be a part of Global Value Chains, companies have to standardize and certify products and services (SiB). However, a prerequisite for standardization is compliance in terms of administrative processes (BAB) and environmental awareness (GG). Ultimately, it may be relevant for companies to link up with knowledge centers and participate in exchanges of ideas and expertise, which could signify another qualitative leap forward (HH).

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