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Korpodeko Client Card

We offer you our Korpodeko Client Card to make your loan payment easier.

Korpodeko Client Card

Now, you can use our Korpodeko Client Card to make your monthly loan payment using Pagafasil: easier, faster, and more affordable (compared to bank transfer or at the cashier). 

What is the Korpodeko Client Card? 

The client card contains all the necessary information to facilitate your loan payment with Pagafasil. Both your name and your Korpodeko account number are mentioned on your client card. 

How to make your loan payment using Pagafasil?

Visit one of the 87 counters of Pagafasil located on Curaçao, show your Korpodeko client card, and make your monthly payment. 

Apply for a Korpodeko Client Card

You are just one click away to apply for your Korpodeko Client Card for free.  

What if you lose your client card?

If you lose your Korpodeko Client Card accidentally you will need to pay a fee to receive a new one.